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Es war einmal das Leben - YouTube →

Just remembered this gem of a childhood show.

iPhone 6 Lines and the Chinese Mafia

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TBT when the sun shone. Most of the time at least.

Wow. (via  On location in Iceland with the iPhone 6 | The Verge)
I can transfer the accounts—the actual Apple ID I use—but any content I bought would be subject to national borders. In other words, leaving France [or any country, for that matter] means leaving behind all the apps and other DRM-laden content that I’ve purchased from Apple over the years. “After you change countries, you will no longer receive application update notifications in iTunes for the apps you purchased in your original country. However, you’ll still receive update notifications on your iOS device for any applications installed on it.” But you can only change the App Store account on an iOS device once every 90 days, so that would mean that when I log out of one store and log into another, I wouldn’t be able to change again for three months.

— This is nuts. I can’t install any German apps because my app store account is UK, and changing would make me lose all my old apps. Crossing borders with the iTunes Store | Macworld

Thank you fellow travellers, in your thousands. Behind the mountains, there are more mountains.

Week 483 | Berg Blog

A beautiful thank you note from Matt at Berg. I’m sad to see them go, seems just like yesterday when we hung out and discussed the backend for all IoT services.

Is living in Germany really like living in one of USA poorest states? →


Look at this study It concludes that the average American is better off than the average German. That if Germany was a US state it would be the 39th poorest.

But this conclusion may be wrong for two reasons.

-Income is much better distributed in Germany than in the USA. When there is such…

That premise is ridiculous. I’d say most Germans live better than most Americans in the _richest_ states.

going iPhone-first is a widely held best practice. It’s our generation’s version of “Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM.”
So the biggest risk in a project like this remains burnout. Avoiding burnout is difficult to write about, because the basic premise is obnoxious. Burnout is a rich man’s game. Rice farmers don’t get burned out and spend long afternoons thinking about whether to switch to sorghum. Most people don’t have the luxury of thinking about their lives in those terms. But at the rarefied socioeconomic heights of computerland, it’s true that if you run a popular project by yourself for a long time, there’s a high risk that it will wear you out. It’s not the fact of working on just one project that’s the problem. This dude, for example, has spent much of his life building a Boeing 777 out of manila folders. Another guy (always dudes!) is slowly excavating his basement with toy trucks. What burns you out is the constant strain of being responsible for a lot of other people’s stuff. The good news is, as you get older, you gain perspective. Perspective helps alleviate burnout. The bad news is, you gain perspective by having incredibly shitty things happen to you and the people you love. Nature has made it so that perspective is only delivered in bulk quantities. A railcar of perspective arrives and dumps itself on your lawn when all you needed was a microgram. This is a grossly inefficient aspect of the human condition, but I’m sure bright minds in Silicon Valley are working on a fix. Perspective does not make you immune to burnout. It just makes burnout less scary. I’ve gone through a few episodes since starting Pinboard, and I’m sure there will be more to come. People have been very understanding about my occasional need to flee the Internet. I find that the longer I run the site, the more resistant I become to the idea of ever giving it up, even if I need to take the occasional break. It is pleasant to work on something that people draw benefit from. It is especially pleasant to work on something lasting. And I enjoy the looking-glass aspect of our industry, where running a mildly profitable small business makes me a crazy maverick not afraid to break all the rules.

— Good writing by a good guy. Pinboard Turns Five (Pinboard Blog)



Russell Brand: Robin Williams’ divine madness will no longer disrupt the sadness of the world →

"What I might do is watch Mrs Doubtfire. Or Dead Poets Society or Good Will Hunting and I might be nice to people, mindful today how fragile we all are, how delicate we are, even when fizzing with divine madness that seems like it will never expire."

I did, and I cried.
Is it posh to want a working boiler, windows without cracks, and woodwork that isn’t rotting away? I was reading this in disbelief and then laughed a bit. For more than a year I had been struggling with a mediocre letting agency and mysterious landlord who never returned my messages.

This reads as if he moved into my old flat… it’s disgusting how UK agencies are treating tenants - every single person I know in London has a story to tell. In my case it involved 6 weeks of winter without a working boiler, ridiculously leaky windows, and much more.

Letting Agency Accidentally Forwards Shameful Email

Finally built some furniture again, to replace the ugly black Billy shelf next to my desk. This is a super simple shelf made from multiplex (roughly 110x35cm) and structural bolts.
Each level is built like a bench that stands on the next one. I made cut outs for the feet on top of each level and alternated in/out for more stability.

If you copy, look out for clean cut boards, and use good router bits. I used shitty old ones and the holes and cutouts are pretty burnt (also, the basement smelled like a forest fire). I also had to do some trickery on the upper level bolts.

Total cost was about €150 (100 for wood, 50 for bolts and stuff).

Wikimedia says this monkey owns the copyrights to the selfie, not the photographer. I would agree. Go Monkey!

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Wikimedia says this monkey owns the copyrights to the selfie, not the photographer. I would agree. Go Monkey!

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So beautiful. The world watching the final.

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